Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tips to clean Nails

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Sure, We all get dirty nails sometimes! Whether we were playing in the mud again, or doing some messy project, it's sometimes hard to know how to clean your nails!
Here are some steps to clear nails,

Invest in a nail file. One that has a pointed tip on it (won't hurt). Those are made to get dirt out from underneath your nails. It's pretty simple to use; you just put the file under your nail-at an angle, and scrape the dirt out! a good nail-cleaning tool.
Nails safety

  1. File your nails. Place the file on the tip of your nail and file in one direction so you don't tear the nail.You should have done this before investing in a nail file, but if you still have nail polish on, take it off with nail polish remover.
  2. Buff your nails. To make them pretty (you can skip this part if you have thin nails), you can briskly brush across your nails with a buffer, or a nail file; works the same, but it's best to use a buffer.
  3. Use clear nail polish. If you don't plan on painting your nails again, use this and put a light coat on. It will make them shiny, and eventually stronger.
  4.  If you really got them dirty, soak them in warm water for like 5-10 minuets. Then scrub with soap & water.
  5. Keep up on your nails daily. Remember to scrub your nails (buying a nail brush helps a lot) whenever you can, and keep them trimmed and pretty. Cute nails always is a good thing.
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