Friday, 30 May 2014

Smoky eyes

The key to the perfect smokey eye is proper blending. You want to make sure colors are blended together flawlessly. Also, it's important to pair light base colors with rich dark colors. Nice mixes include: Soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue.
Here's few steps which will be helpful in smokey eye makeup;
  1. Apply an ice cube on your eye before applying makeup.
  2. After that make base and apply some light color shadow to make base.
  3. Base eye shadow should be started at the corner of the eye and end it at the other corner.

   4.Then blend dark black eye shadow with the light color base.
   5.Apply eye pencil and eye liner
6.After that apply some shimmer on eyes and at last apply false eye lashes and maskara on it .


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